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Learn Astrophotography,...... Deep Sky,...... Time Lapse Movies,...... Nightscapaes,...... Sky Photo Trip V11.,...... 25-27 November 2016 (Fri-Sun)

(SPT02 is Concluded)

Current Workshop - SPT V11.



Sky Photo Trip (SPT02)

2nd Edition (Concluded

current edition here)


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The Sky Photo Trip - 2nd Edition was a huge success. The participants ranged from 16 years to 56 years of age, from students to Professors of Physics, Journos, Scientists, Planetarian, Laywer & Pilot. Most of the participants were new to astrophotography. Absolute new comers to this field were able to shoot stunning Night Landscapes and Deep Sky Objects during the two nights at the Star Studded Majkhali. You can browse the results here. Do take a look.

   Stellar Night Landscapes,
        Akash Ganga over Mountain Peaks,
              The Great Nebula in Orion,
                  Saturn & its mighty rings,
                       Welcome Aboard the Sky Photo Trip

Pristine dark sky location in the Himalayas, placed highly
     Twinkle Twinkle So Many Stars, & All Shining Brightly
           Imagers, Telescopes, Mounts all polar aligned properly
              all the instruments & help awaiting too,
                   Who clicked that stunning night sky panorama?

                       It’s you!

Beginners & novices are welcome to join, you will be able to participate fully in the workshop.

Event: Sky Photo Trip  
Date: 4th – 6th March 2011  
Venue: Majkhali, Ranikhet in the Himalayas.  
Participants: 16 (maximum)  

Aperture Telescopes invites you to join the Sky Photo Trip, a practical astrophotography workshop. This exclusive workshop has been organised at a pristine dark sky location high in the Himalayan Mountains. It is an unabbreviated and well rounded workshop which will cover theoretical as well as practical aspects of astrophotography. Participants will have full access to instruments such as telescopes, mounts, laptops, imagers and software, all provided on the workshop site. On completion of the Sky Photo Trip participants will walk away with photographs shot and processed during the trip themselves!

Workshop Content: Outdoor work: Choosing your location, Accurately focusing your camera/telescope; Field of View & Framing the Sky; Camera settings, Aperture, Speed, Correct Exposure and others; Managing Multiple Cameras, Accurate Polar Alignment; Capturing the Sky – light frames, Capturing support frames – darks, flats & bias. Indoor work: Managing your captured frames, and supporting frames, preprocessing, stacking, noise reduction, stretching, enhancing details, Masking, mosaic stitching, High Dynamic Range photographs. All this with actual photographs shot by you, on location during the workshop.

Don’t forget we will be doing this on four different focal length setups, and subjects will range from Wide Angle Panoramas, Star Trails, Piggyback Milky Way Shots, Deep Sky Images as well as High Resolution Planetary Photographs. As we said, this is a complete workshop supplied with all the works.

Location: Majkhali, Ranikhet, Almora District, Uttarakhand
                 Latitude: 29° 40' 58" Longitude: 79° 30' 02” Height 1900m

                     (Link to Satellite Map)
                 Arrival Majkhali: Friday noon, 4th March, 2011
                 Departure Majkhali: Sunday noon, 6th March, 2011

Participation: A maximum of 16 participants only will be registered for the workshop. The participants will be confirmed only on the basis of First-Come-First-Served. A waiting list of four will be maintained and participants included if there is any cancellation. The participants could be photographers, journalists, camera persons, adventurers, trekkers, nature lovers and of course amateur astronomers. School going children would need to be accompanied by their parent who would have to participate in the workshop, or if they are coming on their own, should have the parent consent form signed.

Do note that this is an intensive workshop with preparatory lectures, practical sessions (on four different equipment setups), as well as post processing the pictures. There will only be four participants per station so that you can scale the steep learning curve of astrophotography, easily.