Aperture Telescopes

Aperture Telescopes is the first Indian company to serve the Amateur Astronomers by manufacturing Large Dobsonian Telescopes of portable truss tube design. Till now, no company has provided large portable telescopes up to 20-inches for the fast growing hobby of Astronomy in India. It is a common complaint of the amateur astronomers that quality telescopes of large sizes are not available in India, at a reasonable cost. Now you can buy high quality, large telescopes from our company, right here in India. What’s more, You do not have to wait for weeks or months to receive your telescope after ordering. You can have it in a matter of days at your doorstep.

Aperture Telescopes believes in selling a quality product, weather proof & built to last. The best materials are located and used in our products. We have full confidence in our products and you will have it too once you have used it.

We endeavour to provide innovative products which are not been available in India. Even our small products have been through a lot of thought process. Our products are a pleasure to use.

Aperture Telescopes is one of the very few manufacturer of telescopes in India. Most companies selling telescopes in India are trading in imported telescopes and are not able to provide even the smallest of after sales support or services. If a problem crops up in your telescopes after purchasing, it’s your problem. Since we are the manufacturers and right here in India, you can expect many years of support, should any problem occur in your telescopes. If a problem crops up in an Aperture Telescope, it’s our problem.

Sky Photo Trip, our astrophotography workshop is ‘One-Of-A-Kind‘. The workshop is well regarded all over and generally considered the best in India. All astrophotography equipment, ranging from large telescopes, mounts, cameras, laptops, is provided to participants, such a workshop does not exist anywhere in the world. The workshop is always held under the Himalayan Star Studded Night Sky.

  • Best Night Sky
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Complete Know How
  • That’s Sky Photo Trip

Take your hobby of Astronomy to greater height that it deserves, Aperture Telescopes is a friendly company here to help you do just that.

We all at Aperture, wish you clear and steady skies.