What do we do?

What does Aperture Telescopes do?

  1. We make the largest  and high quality Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescopes in India, a 20-inch that you can easily carry to a remote dark sky location. Our smallest telescope is an 8-inch closed tube Dobsonian Telescope. Apart from telescopes we make Parallelogram Mount for large binoculars and Observing Chairs.
  2. We conduct the best Astrophotography Workshop in India. The workshop is called Sky Photo Trip and is always held under the star studded Himalayan locations. In the workshop all equipment is provided to the participants.
  3. Private Astrophotography Workshops in the Himalayas, and at other places.
  4. We Manage School Observatories, which includes sky observing programmes, astronomy activities, model making, running astronomy curriculum, monthly lesson plans for students, complete periodical telescope and observatory dome maintenance.
  5. Night Sky Observations for schools. We organise evening & overnight observation for schools with our large inventory of telescopes for observing planets, Moon, stars and deep sky objects.


We have now started making Parabolic Telescope Mirrors, from 8 inches up to 20 inches. We will soon have an in-house mirror vacuum aluminising plant, making it a complete facility to make telescopes from start to finish, proudly 100% Made in India.