Himanshu Rastogi, Amateur Astronomer

I had attended the Sky Photo Trip in Sept 2010, when it was conducted for the first time. While the weather conditions weren’t very favourable at that time, but the image processing and equipment handling sessions with Ajay Talwar were incredible. There was a lot to learn from those sessions.

Kiran Mehta - Ethos of Aperture Telescopes

I’m impressed at the unique ethos I sense about Aperture Telescopes, that of complementing a ‘do-it-yourself’ culture, rather than replacing it only for commercial gain!


Kiran Mehta

Sukhbir Singh, Owner of 10-inch Aperture Telescope
Very impressive!
Genuine people
Genuine interest
I loved interacting with Ajay and his team.
They are always courteous, ready to share their knowledge,
Enjoyed every bit of my interactions with them.

Mr. Sukhbir Singh, Owner of 10-inch Aperture Telescope

Vikrant Narang, Scientific Officer, SPACE

Sky Photo Trip was an excellent endevour to set the bar very high for Indian astrophotographers and go beyond the basics of astrophotography. There is simply a LOT that goes behind taking inspiring and world class astrophotos – from meticulous detailing, extensive instrumentation and procedures, hours of post processing, to decades of experience – Ajay Talwar shared everything unreservedly and enthusiastically with all the participants. It was a great opportunity to be at a scenic dark sky location, with tons of high quality equipment and expert guidance. It was great to be with passionate bunch of people from all over India (and one of them all the way from Duabi)

Vishnu Rethinam, Amateur Astronomer

Messier Marathon 2010. Saturday, 13th March 2010 the Messier Marathon at Majhkhali was conducted using the 20 inch Aperture Telescope. While pointing above 45° the huge telescope requires a ladder, but that is no deterrant for finding the messier objects using the Telrad finder. In fact finding objects is simple and intutive, finishing the Messier Marathon is a breeze. The motion of the telescope is smooth, following a messier object as it moves in the sky is very easy even from the top of the ladder. Vishnu Rethinam, a long time Messier Marathon runner used the 20 inch Aperture Telescope exclusively to run the marathon this year.

Aperture Telescopes
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05:30 21 Sep 22
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Shishu kumarShishu kumar
07:47 11 Jul 22
Archana RaiArchana Rai
17:01 06 Jul 22
I’m discovering astronomy in my 60s thanks to Ajay & Aperture Telescope. I thought my daughter was absolutely crazy when she told me, “Let’s go see all the planets in Manesar. A very nice gentleman is organising an event.”I went for the planet alignment and got to see Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Neptune. I got too tired to wait up for Venus & Uranus. It was a mind blowing experience! Ajay is such a great guy!! He explained everything so well, and I really enjoyed his jokes too. I thought my daughter & I would be the only ones there, but boy oh boy! There were at least 30 people there at 3am. I can’t wait for July 13 super moon
Yogesh ChhabraYogesh Chhabra
10:41 25 Jun 22
Mr Ajay Talwar is a wonderful person on this planet. He has a team of efficient and innocent Souls. His hapiness is reflected in the satisfaction he gets in completing his work in detail and over and above all he is wonderful teacher !! May Aperture Telescopes keep showing the world at night..🙂
nayantara rainayantara rai
07:11 25 Jun 22
Thank You Aperture Telescopes & Mr Talwar!! My mom and I went at 2:30am for the “planet parade” when all of them were in a straight line. BEST DECISION I TAKEN THIS YEAR!! I am so so so hooked and can’t wait to learn more. Last night was the first time I ever saw any planet from a telescope. Mr Talwar taught me so much and he has so much personality! I can’t wait to go back to learn more from him.
Karan KohliKaran Kohli
04:52 25 Jun 22
Amazing experience at the place. Thanks to Mr Ajay Talwar, we saw all the planets through an amazing collection of telescopes. 20 inch truss type dubsonion is beautiful telescope made by him.
Saikat DattaSaikat Datta
04:03 25 Jun 22
Thanks to Ajay for bringing the magic of the skies. We witnessed a celestial event as he meticulously explained each of the planets we were viewing. It’s a terrific place. Go visit.
Sunila SharmaSunila Sharma
15:54 29 Oct 21
I had a brilliant experience with aperture telescopes. Had a wonderful experience seeing Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Venus, Binary stars through the 20 inch Dobsonian at the workshop. Mr Ajay Talwar guided me perfectly on how to use the telescope and I also bought a telescope which is really efficient.
Anil PuriAnil Puri
05:07 09 Oct 21
I attended several Sky Photo Trip astronomy workshops conducted by Ajay Talwar, where the seed of astronomy was planted in me. I then decided to setup my own backyard Observatory at The Homestead near Ramnagar, a project which I couldn’t dream of undertaking if I didn’t have the support and backing of Ajay. Now my dream project has come true with a 8” Celestron CPC800, a 14” Celestron CGX-L Telescope and a 12” Dobsonian made by Aperture Telescopes. All this is thanks to Ajay and I also feel so proud to be rubbing shoulders with a world renowned astronomer such as him. Thanks Ajay for being my Guru.
Akash AnjanAkash Anjan
06:30 18 Aug 21
I had a brilliant experience with Aperture telescopes. Mr Ajay Talwar guided me perfectly on how to use the telescope and the product itself is state of the art too. Overall a very satisfactory experience. Visiting the workshop was also an eye opening experience

Today happens to be the best day I withnessed in last decade….


After months of deliberation, lots of research & planning, maintaining secrecy, I was able to redeem myself to fulfil my daughter’s dream by gifting her the opportunity to peep out of earth and see creation at its epitome best.

Why am writing on LinkedIn because we met a founder, a company, a team which made it possible for me.

It all started with a little request that I made to the founder of Aperture Telescopes, Mr. Ajay Talwar to help me gift my daughter an opportunity to see Saturn, Jupiter & Moon on her birthday (Sept 13, 2022) meaning they setup 4-5 telescopes in the midnight especially for us and what we withnessed was beyond a dream come true. We did see beyond the sky, a new horizon and dream coming to reality.

1. Mr. Ajay allowed us and setup the entire thing for us midnight. Am grateful to him and his team present all throughout.

2. They put in special effort to make it extremely special for my daughter’s happiness. That’s priceless experience.

3. Since it was for my daughter birthday, they didn’t even charge a dime for it. Indian culture at its epitome best and even though they are in the business of bringing infinite distance closer, this gesture for their made them infinte time bigger.

4. Aperture Telescopes make 100% ‘Made in India’ telescopes and what we saw through the eye pieces was spectacular and we all went speechless (these pictures I took from my iPhone and I can tell you, the reality was way better).

I wish to thank Mr. Ajay Talwar and his team for this magnificent experience and helping me with my lifetime promotion from being ‘Just a dad’ to a ‘Super dad’.

Piyush Pratap Singh