Observing Chair

Serious sky observers never underestimate the need to be comfortable while observing.

Observing Chair


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Serious sky observers never underestimate the need to be comfortable while observing. It is a well noted fact that you actually see more details in the telescope when observing comfortably and you are far more inclined to prolong your sky observing sessions. Get the Aperture Telescopes’ Observing Chair for your observations.

Aperture Telescopes’ Observing chair is made of durable, seasoned & solid Steamed Beech wood. Steamed Beech is a hardwood with good looks. The seat of the Observing Chair can be adjusted from 8-inches to 35-inches from the ground and can be placed at any height in between. As there are no stops or slots for the seat to fit in, even small adjustments are possible. Using a Dobsonian or manually guiding an equatorial mount becomes a far easier job.

The observing chair is very comfortable at all heights. You can even rest your back against the chair for ultimate comfort. We have used the Observing Chair in many overnight observations and find it stable on uneven ground too. The stability comes from the rear board which has a breadth of 12" at the bottom. It has a good lateral stability, the observer can lean left or right without tipping the chair over. The central bar makes the chair rigid and reinforces the stability of the entire chair.

Aperture Telescopes’ Observing Chair is really helpful for you to comfortably observe objects for longer periods of time. Observing astronomical objects takes practice and some dedication. An observation is enhanced when you can look at objects for a while without bending over and twisting your body to look through the eyepiece. This is very important if you want to observe the planets. The best views of the planets occur when you observe for long periods of time, atmospheric turbulence momentarily settles down and you catch a very clear view of our solar system neighbours. This clear view remains etched in your mind.

There are a number of accessories that an amateur astronomer may buy. Some accessories can make the observing experience much more pleasant and comfortable. An observing chair is often overlooked by the inexperienced observer, who has not spent hours standing up to observe through a telescope.

Our Observing Chair folds flat and occupies very little space and can be hauled easily. The seat needs to be removed to fold flat. Two inbuilt carry handles are provided, one at the top for shifting in the assembled condition and one on the side for carrying when folded.

All the wooden components are first sealed and then coated with hard automotive PU finish, four times in succession. The automotive PU coating will weather the sun, dew or even rain for a long time to come.

Try the comfortable Observing Chair at one of the Sky Trip organised by us & see the difference it makes.


Download Specifications Sheet
Observing Chair

Dimensions (Assembled) Height – 40 inches, Width – 36 inches
Dimensions (Folded) Length – 43 inches, Width – 12 inches
without seat
Seat Dimensions 12 inches x 9 inches
Footrest dimensions
Weight ~8 kilo
Maximum seat height 35 inches
Minimum seat height 8 inches
Material Steamed Beech hardwood
Stainless steel hardware
Finish Natural clear,
sealed and sprayed with 4 layers of tough automotive PU finish



What’s in the Box Observing chair


Optional Accessories Cushioned seat
Carry case x2 – for seat and chair


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