8-inch Aperture Telescope

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8-inch Aperture Telescope


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8″ f/5.0 Closed Tube Dobsonian Telescope

Our most portable telescope, the 8-inch closed tube is the smallest telescope in our line-up. The telescope can be carried anywhere easily.

The 8-inch telescope is highly recommended as a minimum for a beginner or amateur astronomer. If you are interested in pursuing astronomy as a hobby, you should aim for an 8-inch telescope and not any smaller one. Smaller telescopes are sometimes referred to as ‘Hobby Killers’ because their performance drives you away from astronomy as a hobby. The 8-inch closed tube Aperture Telescope gives a good performance at a reasonable price.

Our 8-inch Dobsonian Telescope is especially suited for children. The movements of the telescope are so intuitive that children do not think twice before starting to use it. Especially children are able to point the telescope at any object in the sky without any prior experience. The smooth and controlled motion of Aperture Telescopes, make it “Easy-To-Use”. No backlash, no runaway, just easy movements in both axes.

The 8-inch Aperture Telescope has a traditional closed tube design. The design is very effective in cutting off stray light from all directions, so the views have good contrast without any light leaking from any direction into the eyepiece. The 8-inch aperture provides enough resolution to show fine details on the Solar System objects, viz. Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and other planets.

The main feature of a Dobsonian telescope is good light collection. The 8-inch telescope can show you numerous deep sky objects from dark skies. Since the telescope is highly portable, you can carry it to remote areas for deep sky observations. The fast f/5 focal ratio renders the deep sky objects relatively brighter. You can achieve sharp aberration free focus with the parabolised optics. Additionally with the use of Crayford focuser provided, you can achieve perfect focus. Crayford focusers use a toothless friction system that allows for super-fine precision focusing without backlash. The focuser accepts eyepieces of 1.25" as well as 2" standard.

Our Dobsonians feature Teflon bearings and move smoothly in both axes. The altazimuth mount is rock solid. We use marine plywood instead of popular MDF board in imported telescopes. The marine plywood covered with laminate becomes weatherproof, for a long duration, as compared to MDF which warps with dew and moisture, and becomes unusable over a short time.

The telescope comes with a Plössl eyepiece 25mm (40x), 1.25" standard. We provide the best zero power finder - Telrad, to locate objects in the sky easily.


Download Specifications Sheet
  8-inch Closed Tube Dobsonian

Telescope Design Dobsonian, Closed tube
Materials used Water proof marine ply, laminate, Hard plastic solid tube
Finish Weatherproof paint and laminate
Primary Mirror
Mirror maker Guan Sheng Optical, Taiwan
Mirror physical / optical diameter 200 mm / 196mm
Mirror edge thickness 26 mm
Mirror weight 2 kg
Mirror coating SiO2 Protective coating 92% reflectivity
Focal length / focal ratio 1000 mm, f/5
Mirror Cell 3 point flotation cell
Mirror cell material Marine Plywood
Secondary mirror size 50 mm minor axis
Optical tube assembly (OTA) Hard Plastic 250 mm, Ht 1000 mm, 13.5 kg, lined with ‘light eater’ black foam
Dobsonian Mounting
Rocker Box Height = 510mm, Width = 310mm
Weight of mount 7.5 kg
Eyepiece height at zenith 1085 mm
Full height of telescope 1180 mm
Side bearing Teflon 15 x 15 x 5 mm, 4 pieces
Ground board Teflon 25 x 25 x 5 mm, 4 pieces
Side bearing diameter 240 mm
Weight of complete assembled telescope ~17 kg
Shipping weight & dimensions ~22 kg, 1220 x 400 x 400 mm
Supplied Accessories Telrad Finder,
25mm Plossl Eyepiece (1.25″),
Alan key ‘T’ for collimation
Dust covers for primary and secondary mirrors

Optional Accessories

Set of five eyepieces,
Laser collimator,
Complete telescope cover for storage,
Finderscope – refractor type



Supplied Accessories 8-Inch Closed Tube Aperture Telescope,
Telrad Finder,
25mm Plössl Eyepiece (1.25″),
Alan key ‘T’ for collimation
Dust covers for primary and secondary mirrors



Optional Accessories

Set of five eyepieces including Barlow Eyepiece and 5 filters,
Laser collimator,
Complete telescope cover for storage,
Finderscope – refractor type

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