Aperture Logo

The insignia of Aperture Telescopes is a five pointed star. It is easily recognisable and related to our business.

Our business endeavour is to manufacture telescopes to watch stars, celestial objects. Aperture Telescopes is also deeply involved in photography of stars in the night sky. The five pointed star easily relates to our company’s objectives.

The five pointed star also represents the initial letters of the name of our company. ‘A’ is represented in the deep red colour, and ‘T’ is represented by the deep blue colour. The colours of the logo are related to the cooler red stars and the hotter blue stars in the sky.

The simple clean lines in the logo represent our strong desire to create simple but high quality astronomy products.

The five pointed star logo has been designed by Ajay Talwar, founder of Aperture Telescopes, in the year 2007.