“Aperture” Indian Astrophotographer of the Year 2023

Aperture Telescopes is quite happy to be the Title Sponsor of this prestigious annual astrophotography contest in India.

Congratulations to all the winners for contributing their best astro-images. This year the quality of images in the deep sky section were world class. We hope that this contest keeps growing year after year.

Nightscape Winner:
Soumya Banerjee for his image Stat Tso
Nightscape Runner-Up:
Thiruchitrambalam M for his Starry Hanle Nights
Nightscape Highly Commended:
Umesh Gogna for his Celestial Symphony
Nightscape Shortlisted:
Kartik Kota for his Milky Way and Lightning Sprites
Nightscape Shortlisted:
Himanshu Kasale for his Milkyway Arc rising behind Sahyadri Mountain
Nightscape Shortlisted:
Sneha Chatterjee for her Milky Way in Merak
Nightscape Shortlisted:
Ruben for his Chasing Stars
Nightscape Shortlisted:
Naveen Chellaiah for his Cosmic Butterfly
Solar System Winner:
Sona Shahani Shukla for her image Eclipse on Jupiter
Solar System Runner-Up:
Nihal S Amin for his image Coronal Streamers
Solar System Highly Commended:
Aditya Kinjawadekar for his image Dusty Mars
Solar System Shortlisted:
Kunal Kishor Vaze for his Mineral Moon
Solar System Shortlisted:
Prakash Subbanna for his Sun in H-Alpha
Solar System Shortlisted:
Prabhakaran for his Crater Plato and its surroundings
Solar System Shortlisted:
Shivam Bansal for his Moon Crossing
Solar System Shortlisted:
Sandeep Mathur for his The Omen
Deep Sky Winner:
Devesh Pande for his CTB1 – The Garlic Pop Nebula
Deep Sky Runner-Up:
Pravas Deria for his Eagle Nebula
Deep Sky Highly Commended:
Anil Kumar MN for his M45 – The Pleiades
Deep Sky Shortlisted:
Abhinav Maroti Vitekar for his Veil Nebula
Deep Sky Shortlisted:
Harshwardhan Pathak for his NGC 7000, North America Nebula Widefield
Deep Sky Shortlisted:
Shikhar Gupta for his M81-82 widefield with surrounding IFN
Deep Sky Shortlisted:
Prabhakaran for his Leo Triplet
Deep Sky Shortlisted:
Aditya Kinjawadekar for his Horse with a Fly
Best Mobile Astrophotographer Winner:
Aditya Kinjawadekar for his Milkyway and the mighty Rajgad Fort
Best Mobile Astrophotographer Shortlisted:
Karthik P for his Selfie with Milky Way
Best Mobile Astrophotographer Shortlisted:
Subham Rath for his Under the Celestial Canopy: Forest Roads by Starlight
Best Women Astrophotographer Winner:
Vidya Vasudevan for her Milky Way and the Mighty Mountain
Best Women Astrophotographer Shortlisted:
Vidya Vasudevan for her Milky Way and Venus at Golden Hour
Best Women Astrophotographer Shortlisted:
Sona Shahani Shukla for her Pelican Nebula

Category: Nightscape


Winner Soumya Banerjee Stat Tso
Rinner-Up Thiruchitrambalam M Starry Hanle Nights
Highly Commended Umesh Gogna Celestial Symphony
Shortlisted Kartik Kota Milky Way and Lightning Sprites
Shortlisted Himanshu Kasale Milkyway Arc rising behind Sahyadri Mountain
Shortlisted Sneha Chatterjee Milky Way in Merak
Shortlisted Ruben Chasing Stars
Shortlisted Naveen Chellaiah Cosmic Butterfly

Category: Solar System


Winner Sona Shahani Shukla Eclipse on Jupiter
Runner-Up Nihal S Amin Coronal Streamers
Highly Commended Aditya Kinjawadekar Dusty Mars
Shortlisted Kunal Kishor Vaze Mineral Moon
Shortlisted Prakash Subbanna Sun in H-Alpha
Shortlisted Prabhakaran Crater Plato and its surroundings
Shortlisted Shivam Bansal Moon Crossing
Shortlisted Sandeep Mathur The Omen

Category: Deep Sky


Winner Devesh Pande CTB1 – The Garlic Pop Nebula
Runner-Up Pravas Deria Eagle Nebula
Highly Commended Anil Kumar MN M45 – The Pleiades
Shortlisted Abhinav Maroti Vitekar Veil Nebula
Shortlisted Harshwardhan Pathak NGC 7000, North America Nebula Widefield
Shortlisted Shikhar Gupta M81-82 widefield with surrounding IFN
Shortlisted Prabhakaran Leo Triplet
Shortlisted Aditya Kinjawadekar Horse with a Fly

Category: Best Mobile Astrophotographer


Winner Aditya Kinjawadekar Milkyway and the mighty Rajgad Fort
Shortlisted Karthik P Selfie with Milky Way
Shortlisted Subham Rath Under the Celestial Canopy: Forest Roads by Starlight

Category: Best Women Astrophotographer


Winner Vidya Vasudevan Milky Way and the Mighty Mountain
Shortlisted Vidya Vasudevan Milky Way and Venus at Golden Hour
Shortlisted Sona Shahani Shukla Pelican Nebula

Celestial Images Shine in National Astrophotography Competition

A Competition aiming to promote astrophotography in India has borne out some incredible images.

“Aperture” Indian Astrophotographer of the Year 2023: A Short Story

Last year, in 2022, when we Astronomads Bangla got an opportunity to hold an exhibition at M. P. Birla Planetarium, we were overwhelmed. At the same time, a thought came to us, “why not share this opportunity with our astrophotography community!” After a series of discussions among us and with other stakeholders, we decided to organize a competition. We are thankful to a lot of people, including the judges, sponsors, associates who supported the idea.

In 2023, we wanted to make things a bit bigger. Planning for the 2023 edition began in January and things started to look brighter. We have been lucky enough to have a number of people with us, without whom it was simply not possible to organize this event. And a huge thanks to Team Astronomy Photographer of the Year Royal Museums Greenwich who have not only supported us but also helped with many ideas.

Thanks to our sponsors and media partners for the 2023 edition:

Aperture Telescopes Astronomy by Night Vorion Scientific Move Shoot Move Rotator Optolong Filter USA Amateur Astrophotography Ezine Astronomy Magazine

And to our sponsors of 2022 Edition:

Ajay Talwar Alyn Wallace Vikas Chander Vorion Scientific Amateur Astrophotography Magazine

And of course to our associate:

M. P. Birla Planetarium

And all of this was made possible with the contribution from our Indian Astrophotography community, who made this contest what it is.

Our main aim of organizing this contest has been to promote the community members and their images and provide them with an international platform. We are glad to see that the news of the contest results is being published in a number of prestigious platforms.

Astronomy Magazine






And a few other places too.





And a few more coming up!

You can check the result announcement video, list of winning and shortlisted images and the 2023 Yearbook here:


We promise to return with the 2024 edition. Clear skies!