Sky Photo Trip

SKY PHOTO TRIP – is our flagship Astrophotography Workshop. The Best in India. It is held two times a year, in the cloud free months of Feb/Mar/Apr & Oct/Nov/Dec. Sky Photo Trip is always held under the pristine night sky of the Himalayas. Till now the workshop has been held at Leh, in Ladakh; Majkhali, in Uttarakhand; Hatu Peak, in Himachal Pradesh.

Participants of Sky Photo Trip learn to photograph the night sky in various ways such as Night Landscapes, Star Trails, Panoramas, Time Lapse Movies, Deep Sky as well as High Resolution Planet Photography. The Sky Photo Trip is actually a two month course comprising of three parts. The first part is of 15 days duration in which there are online tutorials and extensive discussions pertaining to equipment details and method of astrophotography. The second part is when participants meet on location for two or three nights in the Himalayas. ALL equipment is provided on location to the participants. Such a workshop does not exist in the world, where all the state of the art equipment is provided to the participants, to photograph the sky in various ways.

A workshop repository is made which consists of all the photos clicked during the  workshop by all participants. The Workshop Repository is shared with all the participants. The third part of the workshop is again online where extensive discussions take place about processing methods and obtaining best results from the workshop repository.

The first edition of Sky Photo Trip was held in 2010, and since then organised regularly. There have been Sixteen Editions of Sky Photo Trip till now. Currently though the workshops have stopped because of the pandemic. We hope to resume once the covid conditions have stabilised.