Komal Bhardwaj’s Binocular Mount

AMAZING.. It's so convenient to use binoculars now!

'I can show it to my family members also easily'
‘AMAZING.. It’s so convenient to use binoculars now!’
‘I can show it to my family members also easily’
Komal got our versatile binocular mount and was excited enough to reach home and install it immediately in his balcony. This is the image that he sent back to us.
It is a unique feature of the Parallelogram Binocular Mount that once you locate the celestial object in the binocs, you can just lower the mount, for others to see. The celestial object gets locked and remains in the field of view for all the family members to see.
A mounted pair binocular shows much more than the hand held, shaky binocs. You can observe the sky for much longer on the mount.
Thanks for the photo, Komal. Wish you clear skies.

Ajay Talwar

Binocular Mount
Aperture Telescopes’ Parallelogram Binocular Mount

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