‘TARA’ – The Observatory at The Homestead

TARA at the Homestead! An observatory in the pristine night sky of the Himalayan foothills.
Visitors to Mr Puri's Homestead can observe the heavens with the 12-inch Aperture Telescope.

Mr Anil Puri's 12-inch Aperture Telescope

In January 2016 we were invited to install a 12-inch Aperture Telescope at ‘The Homestead’.

The Homestead is situated close to the famous Jim Corbett National Park. It is classified as a charming home-stay, but actually it is a full fledged destination in its own right. The Homestead is run by Anil ‘Bunny’ Puri and Amu Puri. The charming home-stay is set amidst acres of forest and farm land. There is a long muddy path leading from the main gate to the home-stay. On the way to the living area you pass a large variety of fruit trees. Name a fruit and it will be there in the orchard, no jokes. Try to think of a rare fruit, it will be there for sure.

As you approach the resort, past the sugar cane fields, you think to yourself that it is going to be a leisurely and restful couple of days that you will spend here. Nothing could be far from the truth. Mr Anil Puri has managed to incorporate all kinds of adventure sport in The Homestead, apart from the tame Corbett visits. ATVs as well as bullock carts, an aircraft, and soon to come paragliding and a drone flying school! High adrenaline all day, haute cuisine in the evenings and nights are filled with stellar and astronomical pursuits.

We were really happy to be invited to The Homestead and install the 12-inch Aperture Telescope there. The night sky is quite pristine at this location in the foothills of the Himalayas. We were able to click many stories in the sky from The Homestead.

And now Mr Puri has completed his very special observatory nicknamed as ‘Tara’. It is a roll off roof observatory and will house the 12-inch telescope as well as two other telescopes of 8-inch and 14-inch apertures.

We wish all success to Mr Puri’s Tara Observatory.

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