Vipul’s 12-inch Retrofitted, Closed Tube to Truss Tube

Vipul's telescope modified from a closed tube to a 'Truss Tube' one.
Vipul’s telescope modified from a closed tube to a ‘Truss Tube’ one. The 12-inch telescope with a closed tube becomes large to thwart transportation. He was not able to carry it to the terrace or to his car for travels to dark places.
The original telescope mount from GSO had many problems, and all problems are now eliminated.
1. Replaced ball bearing turn table on the ground board with teflon for smooth motion, Runaway azimuth – fixed.
2. Teflon on centre bolt,
3. Installed 11 inch side bearings, no locks, always balanced,
4. Teflon side bearings – Smooth motion without locking or tightening,
5. Four feet castors changed to three feet castor to avoid jiggling
6. Optical tube (metal) cut and installed truss tubes for making the telescope portable,
7. Mirror cleaning,
8. Lower tube assembly dust cover,
9. Diagonal mirror dust cover,
10. Shroud,
11. Precise Collimation.

Vipul is now a happy camper. For his birthday tomorrow, he has organised a ‘Star Party’ with his newly retrofitted telescope.

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