Gurmeher, Gaurav and their new 12-inch Aperture Telescope

A telescope in a rooftop garden in the middle of New Delhi.

Can you even begin to imagine a secluded rooftop garden in the middle of concrete labyrinth of Greater Kailash in New Delhi? It is to be seen to be believed! They have a beautiful rooftop garden in the middle of New Delhi. It’s like a quiet forest in the middle of congested hum drum. You can walk barefoot on the grass, and wonder about the weight of the large growing pumpkin in the undergrowth.

Gurmeher and Gaurav,

And now they have a wonderful instrument to observe the heavens and all the celestial bodies above. Proud new owners of 12inch ‘APERTURE TELESCOPE’

This is an image of the first light of the telescope at their rooftop forest. Saturn, Moon and Jupiter can be seen in the evening twilight sky.

Congratulations Gurmeher & Gaurav.

The AirBnB in the rooftop forest is constantly occupied, with occupants, silence and seclusion.

This occupant at their BnB lost no time to hook up his cellphone to the telescope, and shoot a detailed image of the gibbous Moon.

Shooting Moon with telescope

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